Tuesday, September 22, 2009

College Football

Like College football? Then tune in to collegefootballwatch.blogspot for all the goings on in the world of college football.

I live for college football (and my wife too still) during the fall. And ever since this season started I've wanted to start writing about it. So I did. on collegefootballwatch.blogspot. Seriously, I could spend my days reading, writing, and watching college football and I'd be happy. The tough part is that there're things like school and work and money that get in the way. I mean, if I didn't have school or work I could just watch last week's highlights and read all the stats from last week's games. If I had loads of money I could buy a huge-screen tv and get all the sports packages and what-not from local cable companies so that I'd never miss a game - not even the ones on the other side of the country.

Anyways, that's all I've got. If you like college football check it out.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

San Diego!

Labor Day weekend, how I love thee. Let me count the ways...

1) The San Diego Temple.

It was amazing! We went to San Diego to be there for the Sealing of Jared Ray and his then fiance Tamara. After the Sealing we stuck around with Jordan & Christine and Kevin & Julia to do some sealings ourselves. The San Diego temple is absolutely beautiful. I love it - everything about it had me in awe, especially the Grand Staircase going up to the sealing rooms on the fourth floor. It was marvelous.

2) Luigi's at the Beach

This place had the biggest slices of pizza ever. They make 30" pizzas. That's 30" in diameter, which means each slice is 15" long. In case you were wondering, that's 707 square inches. They serve it by the slice, which is an eighth of the pizza (80 square inches). Here's a picture of some random girl because it's the only picture I could find on the web, and we of course don't believe in taking our own pictures (really, this whole weekend we only took 3 pictures). Notice, the pizza slice is the length of her arm.
Also, Luigi's at the beach is freakin amazing. Not only was the food good, but the football was even better. Let me explain: We showed up there at 1:00 in the afternoon last saturday, which also happened to be the first saturday of college football. Well, Luigi's had about 10 big screen flat panel tv's hanging on their walls, showing 6 or 7 different college football games. It was amazing. They won my heart for forever.

3) Mission Beach

I love the beach. And i especially enjoyed my time at the beach this particular day. Was it crowded? Heck yes, it was Labor Day weekend. But it was stil a lot of fun. Last time Shirley and I went to the beach it was cloudy and cold, but last weekend it was sunny and warm. We stayed at the beach for, like, 5 hours. We played in the waves and had a grand ole time. I even tried body surfing and got pummeled several times. But it was a blast. After we got tired of sucking down salt water, we took a break from the water and built a mighty edifice to me. Well, it was a sand fortress. Do we have pictures? Of course we don't. But it looked something like this:

Perhaps it didn't actually resemble this particular building... but it was something like this.

4) Balboa Park

On Sunday we went to Balboa Park and had a picnic with Julia & Kevin and Kevin's parents. Following the food, we wandered the many sights of the park, and then settled down at the Organ Pavilion for the free Sunday afternoon concert. Organ Pavilion is home to the Spreckles Organ Society and the Largest Outdoor Organ in the world. Each Sunday at 2:00 (since January 1915) there is a free organ performance for all to enjoy.This picture is obviously not from a sunday afternoon performance, but this is the Organ Pavilion Outdoor Organ in all it's glory.

I kinda wish we had had more time to explore more of what Balboa Park had to offer, as I understand that there was much, much more to see than what we were able to. I think I should like to go back and see more of the park one day. But as it is, that pretty much sums up our vacation from last weekend.

In conclusion, I've realized that I only have 4 ways that I love Labor Day weekend. Is 4 enough to say that I love it? Is that like saying "I love you" after only the fourth date? Even if it was four great dates? Maybe I just 'like' Labor Day weekend. Or 'I have a really good time with it.' Or maybe it's just a crush, I don't really know yet. It's too early to know I think.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wyatt Earp

This is one of my new favorite movies of ever. It will change your life... or just make you want to be a cowboy for the rest of your life. Kevin Costner is perfect for the role of Earp.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today's observation while walking around campus: The Mohawk.

Wikipedia says

The Mohawk or Mohican is a hairstyle. In the most common variety, both sides of the head are shaved leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the centre. Mohawks became common in punk subculture and Rivethead subculture in the early 1980s and were then adopted by various other groups, becoming more diverse in style. Today, Mohawks are still associated with the punk subculture, but have also become part of mainstream fashion.

The Mohawk hairstyle is named for, and often associated with, the people of the Mohawk nation, an indigenous people of North America who originally inhabited the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York to southern Quebec and eastern Ontario.

In modern punk fashion, the Mohawk is often dyed brilliant colors and worn so that it points straight up, often to impressive height. The Mohawk is also a feature of goth fashion. The Mohawk is also known as the signature hairstyle of Mr. T, the actor who first became famous playing the boxer Clubber Lang in the movie Rocky III and later as Sgt. B.A. Baracus in the television series The A-Team.

I saw a few kids with mohawks today and I thought to myself: What do people who sport mohawks think when they're getting ready in the morning? Maybe I've just forgotten what it's like to have to do my hair in the morning, since i'm blessed to not have to do that anymore. But I saw a guy with a full on, stiff, spiky, mohawk and I imagined him doing his hair this morning and thinking to himself "dang my hair looks good." I laughed to myself. in my head.

That's all.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I always feel insecure when I blog without pictures. It's like i'm not cool. and stuff. Shirley just hates that I don't blog about all the cool things we do. Well, today is the first day of school, but I got out of class early and have nothing to do for an hour or so, so here it goes. I don't have many pictures, but at least I'm alive.

The First Day Of School

I don't really remember being nervous for school to start last semester, or the semester before that, or really ever since I started college. But I was today. It was weird. I think it was because my schedule wasn't entirely set and I wasn't excited to be going back to school. Or something. I don't know.

But I got here and I've been smiling ever since. I forgot how funny school is; how weird people are, how young freshmen look, how weird people's conversations are, the wierd ways people do their hair, the weird ways people dress, etc... I just like being on campus and seeing people. It makes me smile/laugh.

When I was registering for classes, I was thinking that I was going to have three semesters left, and that I would graduate next fall, but earlier this week I realized that if I could get into an ACC444 class this semester (they were all full at the time) I could work it out so I graduate in the Spring of this year! I've been checking the ASU registration page, like, every ten minutes for the last week, and about a half hour ago, a section opened up. I'm gonna graduate next Spring! I'm pretty excited.

I think my wife is the opposite. She graduated 3 months ago. And was fine until today when I was getting my backpack together and getting ready for class. She's suffering from withdrawal from not having school, and she wants to go back. I wish I could trade her. I think I'd like to be done and just working not... But that's how it goes, eh?


Sherwood is one of my favorite bands. I saw them last summer and they covered the song Holiday from The Get Up Kids, who are also one of my favorite bands. Since then I've been a pretty big fan. I even have 2 Sherwood shirts! You know someone must be a good fan if they have a band shirt (ok, maybe not, i'm just saying...)!

Shirley and I saw them early in July this year and it was great. It was the first concert I've been to in a while and I had a lot of fun. They played with Copeland, who was headlining that tour. Because of this, I think most of the folk there were Copeland fans, more inclined to enjoy the more mellow tunes produced by Copeland than the sweet fun music created by Sherwood. It seemed that when Sherwood played, most the people in the crowd just stood there. It made me sad. I enjoy concerts... though I imagine I likely won't go to many more. They're not quite as fun as they used to be, which it is part of maturing, which is really fine with me.


More to come...

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Blog!

Not like i do a great job keeping this blog updated or anything, but i started a new blog anyways. One that i'm actually a lot more excited about (so maybe i will be better at updating it).

It's about hiking. So if you enjoy the hobby... feel free to hop on over to Mike's Hikes and check out what adventures we've been up to.


Just as a side note about blogs... does anyone remember the days before Myspace and Facebook and Blogger? Does anyone remember LiveJournal? I think it was one of the first big blog websites that started getting people warmed up to the whole web log (blog) thing.

I was just thinking how my perspective has changed over the years. At first, when LJ came around i thought "What the heck? Why would i want to keep a public journal? A journal is for, like, my personal thoughts and ideas. I don't need to share that with people online!"

But then came Myspace, and then Facebook, and then Blogger (at least that's the order in which i subscribed to these great (ahem) social networking tools).

When blogger started getting big, i started thinking of it as less of an online journal, and more of just a method to tell your old friends what you've been up to in life. You know, the people you don't actually talk to anymore, but still feel like you know them so well because you read their blogs? I kinda thought blogs were just a way to keep up with friends, maybe even show off a little bit when something happens worth showing off.

But now i'm starting to see it as both of the above. The main purpose seems to be to write all about what i've been up to so i can have something to show old school mates, or extended family, but it definitely serves a dual purpose. I don't really keep a journal like i probably should, but when i look back in five years, I'll be able to look at my blog and remember some of the cool things I've done.

And so Blogger, I salute you. Here's to you helping me keep a journal by disguising it as a social networking tool.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It’s been a long time, and boy is there a lot to talk (type) about: How the semester ended up, Shirley’s graduation (obviously the semester ended good enough, cuz she graduated), Our California trip, our church calling, our wedding pictures, our job searchings, summer, the adventures of Mike and Shirley…

So let’s find a good place to start…

Since the semester is over, I’ll just leave it at that. Shirley passed, so she graduated. I did well enough. I have, like, a B- GPA. It should be higher, and I feel kinda lame, but I’ll work harder next semester.

Shirley’s graduation! We got to hear Obama speak. Most of the audience cheered for him like he was a rock star. It was weird. He is, however, and excellent speaker. And he gave a great speech.
We’ve been beginning our adventures… We plan to have a lot this summer. Some of our ideas/plans include a trip to the Kern River in California for rafting, a trip to Colorado (maybe) to visit Shirley’s brother, a few camping trips, some hiking around Arizona, Maybe another Cali trip, Fossil Springs, The Oracle Caves, etc… We love adventures. We’re gonna call this summer “The Adventures of Mike and Shirley!”
Immediately following Shirley’s graduation ceremonies, we got in the car and left for California in search of sunny skies and great fun with our friends Jack and Natalie. We spent all day Friday (in honor of my birthday and Shirley’s graduation) at Disneyland. I hadn’t been there in over 2 years, and Shirley hadn’t been in, like, 15 years. It was amazing. I love Disneyland – happiest place on earth!
Saturday was spent at the beach (didn't take any pictures, sorry). We got a firepit and got our coals going and made tin-foil dinners for lunch. That was awesome. We threw the Frisbee around, played in the water a bit, and then took naps. It was pretty overcast the whole time at the beach though. That was a bust. But still enjoyable.

We stopped in Blythe on the way home to get gas. Gas was so much more expensive on the North side of the freeway! What the heck! When we stopped at the McDonalds after getting gas (the cheaper gas), I walked across the street to take this sweet picture.That circled part is this: (32 cents cheaper gas!)That seems like a sufficient enough update for now…

Just on a side note, if you know of anyone hiring, I’m looking for work. I’ve been reduced to about 12 hours a week, and that’s not gonna cut it. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring slump.

It's that time of the semester again. This morning in my Institute class a girl behind me said something like: "This is gonna be the hardest week of the whole semester for me!" For me that was a couple weeks ago.... This week? to me?...will probably be the laziest week of the semester.

Every semester, about this far into it, I hit this point where I'm just so unmotivated with my school work. It's terrible i know, but i don't want to go to class, i don't want to do homework assignments, i just want to sit here and eat this delicious leftover casserole that I'm eating... and then play basketball or play Freecell on my computer. I'm lame, thanks. Lucky for me this semester i have a new secret weapon... Shirley.

She reminds me to get to work and do things. She asks me if i have homework and then forces me to actually do it. Mean, i know. Like mom back when i was in fifth grade. Harsh.

(Dear Shirley, please don't take this as an invitation to further harrass me about my school work. Thanks. I love you so much!)

This is not a confession begging repentance or a change of heart. I'm content with this time of the semester. It just happens. Then after a week or, i get back up and get back to business and finish out my wonderfully average straight B semester. Yup, straight B's. In my 4th year of college, i have almost a perfect 3.0 GPA. Every time i get an A that would bring it up a little, i get a C in another class that brings it right back down. I'm content with that too, and that's kinda another subject anyways.

So really, i was just at school not studying and realized that i haven't posted in a while. So there's somethin to chew on.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So lately, Shirley and I have been really hooked on this show Alias. It's great. It's about this CIA field agent who is always going on these crazy missions and fighting and beating up bad guys and such. Well, i think Shirley might be getting a little too into it. Or something.

You see, last night (this morning) at 2:30, she punched me right in the stomach! She was sound asleep. She didn't even know she did it! I had gotten up to get a drink and when i crawled back into bed we were both laying on our sides facing each other. Well, with her top arm, she just straight up punch me right in the gut! I was like "What the?" Then she made this semi-conscious "aww.." and put her arm around me. I thought at that point maybe she'd woken up and realized what she'd just done. Not so.

When we woke this morning i said "haha, hey, remember last night when you socked my in the gut?" and she just laughed like i was joking! Not joking though.

Anyways, it was pretty funny. Might not be so funny if it hurt, but i'm a tough kid.

So, i don't know, do we need to curb our Alias viewing? Maybe cut back a little bit? I'm not sure i'd like it too much if we start having kick boxing fights in the middle of the night just because of some crazy dreams caused by some crazy show.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From an empty room on the first floor...

I love basketball! March madness is here. The regular NBA season is winding up and getting pretty interesting, and I just played on Saturday with a bunch of guys! I love basketball!

But today is about something else that i just might love even more than basketball.

I thought i would have to be doing homework right now before class, but found out that it's not due till next week. So i have time to blog about something I've been so excited for for the past week!

We're going to California!

I don't know how it got brought up, but i was just joking with Shirley about how we're gonna go to Disneyland for my birthday day since it'd be free this year and all. Well, somehow it turned into the plan! So we're going! It'll be right after school gets out, and right after Shirley's Graduation! So then we get to go. I'm so happy.

I love California. If i had more time, I'd tell you all about why i love it so much.... but It's kinda time to get ready to go to class. I lost all my pictures when my computer crashed, but i downloaded a few great ones from my facebook profile for you:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

D-Wade for MVP

I love basketball. Sometimes i even secretly wish we had a TV and cable so i could watch basketball all the time (though i think Shirley knows this, so maybe it's not a secret).

Now, there's a big difference between college sports and professional sports, and some people love one and hate the other. A lot of people say stuff like: "Oh, college is way better than Professional. In College they play because they love to play. The pros just play for the money and they don't even care and they're not even fun to watch." Well, guess what? In college they play so they can make it to the pros where they can make money. Money Money Money.

Anyways, while i do prefer college football to the NFL, i definitely enjoy the NBA better than college hoops. Don't get me wrong, i love basketball and try to follow the NCAA, but it's complicated and March madness comes and goes so fast, and i don't have time to follow it all that well when there's a million college teams competing and so on, and so on.

But the NBA?... Well, it's simple: only 30 teams, one website that covers it all, an 82 game season (so i don't feel like I'm missing half the season when i get busy at work during tax season - college only plays around 30 games in a season), and players play in the league a lot longer than in college, so i can get to know (or watch) a player for a few years and watch his game develop and see who i like and don't like. This way i can develop favorite players and coaches and can really follow the game.

So there you have some of my reasons for why i think the NBA is better.

And some of my favorite players? Here's a few (in no particular order; just as they come to me):
D-Wade (Flash), Lebron James, Shaq (The Big Cactus), Brandon Roy, Marcus Camby (A blocking machine), CP3 (Chris Paul), The Truth (Paul Pierce), LaMarcus Aldridge, Vince Carter, Kevin Durant, Stephen Jackson, Kevin Garnett, Grant Hill, Al Jefferson, Rip Hamilton, and a few others ,but this list is getting long.

Oh? You noticed i didn't have Kobe on there eh? Well... ok, I'll admit it - I'm a Kobe hater.

So, the reason for this post?... Like the title says: Dwyane Wade for MVP!

I read this article that i really enjoyed. One of the best I've read on basketball this season.

Wade had off-season surgeries on his left knee and left shoulder before the 2007-2008 season. After a disappointing 06-07 season, I was convinced that the return of the 2006 Finals MVP was here. I had faith in Flash. But i was wrong. Wade's left knee continued to give him problems through the 07-08 season and the Heat finished with the worst record in the league as Wade decided to take off the last 21 games to begin rehab to prep for the 2008 Summer Olympics. But this year?.. Well, this year Flash is back. He leads the league in scoring is 8th in the league in assists, 2nd in steals, and at only 6'4", he's a surprising 20th in the league in blocked shots!

For a sweet YouTube video of his latest heroics (a game-winning, buzzer beating 3-pointer in double-overtime) click HERE!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Barnes & Noble

Mad Props to my new favorite bookstore in the valley = BARNES & NOBLE

Thursday night, on the way home from some softball games, Shirley and i Decided to celebrate the beginning of spring break! (We took our last test in our last class of the week on thursday so we're done with school till the 17th!)

How were we going to celebrate?! By purchasing Season 2 of the TV show we're hooked on, Alias. So we stopped at Wal-Mart, and we stopped at Best Buy... and we checked at Target and K-Mart, and even Borders, and guess what?! None of those five(5!) stores had it. It was getting late, so in a last ditch effort, we stopped at good old Barnes and Noble and asked the nice young lady in the movies/music section if she could help us find it. She looked it up in the computer and then went to a little secret box under a shelf and pulled it out for us. She held it up like a glowing ensign of goodness! We went home and watched an episode. It was quite an adventure.

The next morning Shirley's sister says "Oh, my husband has all the seasons of that show!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know.... I'm a terrible person.

But i thought this was funny.
I've been wanting to blog lately, but everytime i think of something cool to blog about... i forget it by the time it's time to blog.
But i saw this guy on campus. He was.... heavy. And he was skating around campus on one of those long, really flexible boards... I told someone about it and they asked why i didn't take a picture. Well, he was moving along pretty fast for a big guy on a longboard and i didn't have time to whip out my camera phone.

But i drew this picture. Nevermind that he looks like humpty dumpty. Just notice the amazingly accurate flex of the board. Almost touching the ground.

hahaha. Ok, sorry for wasting your time. There you go.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shirley thought she was all bad!

But i totally wasted her at Pinball.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Shout Outs

To all my peeps.

Want to rent a Condo?! Go HERE.

Want to talk politics?! Go HERE.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blogging Another Blog During Class

My Hard Drive crashed a couple weeks ago. It was a sad day. I almost cried. Really. I lost a lot of things. Most pressing on my mind was the fact that i lost a lot of pictures, and a lot of music. The music i can get back eventually... the pictures are gone. I lost a lot of documents; spreadsheets I had made for my budget or for running, all my school documents and papers that i've ever written, etc. I lost software; quicken and iTunes and Microsoft Office... It was sad. Really.

But, i plugged in my camera just now to upload the picture from the last post, and i realized that there are a lot of pictures on my camera! So, here, i will share a few (even some that Shirley might not want you to see). Here you go:

Shirley's so photogenic sometimes

Sometimes I am too!

We went to mexico in November and stayed at THIS beach house:

And played on THIS beach.

One time we went to Zoolights.
I bought a drill with one of our wedding gift cards. I'm so manly.

And we got married!

I think we look cool in this picture.

And i think we look funny in this picture.

And there you have it. You're welcome.

Blogging during class

So I'm bloggin during my SCM300 class. But I've been wanting to blog this since yesterday morning, and i have my camera with me right now for to post pictures.

David left for the MTC yesterday. It was a big deal at the Stock house. Mom cried (as she's done with each of us), Shayna was sad, Shirley was reminded of certain memories of the past, and all present were confident that he will be a great missionary. We ARE confident. He's gonna do a solid job. I've even written him already! Not that that has anything to do with him being a solid missionary, just thought i'd announce how on-the-ball I am.

We went tuesday night to the house and the family was there, and some close friends were there, and the Stake President showed up, and he was set apart as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Then Wednesday morning we woke up at 5:15 and went to the airport to see him off.

He's gonna be awesome!... Once he learns the language. The poor kid's gonna be held up in the MTC till April 6th. Hope he likes the food.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Poll results

So... we went to the game. It was a lot of fun, even though ASU lost. I owe Shirley big time (Shirley, I owe you big time!)! Sorry, we didn't take any pictures. I know, my blog is boring and pictureless lately, but at least i'm writing. Here's one i just found though.

Today is our One-Monthiversary! Shirley got up early and made me breakfast! I love her. We're going to the temple after work to celebrate. We love the temple.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

QUICK! I'm taking a poll.

Please help.

I want to go to the ASU basketball game tonight. My wife thinks i should go to my MGT300 class instead (big lecture from 6:00-9:00).

She said if i put it up to a vote and get more yes votes than no votes then i can go. Anyone who reads this before 5:00 tonight, please leave me a vore comment with a yes or no.



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Night In Bankok

There's something to be said for waking up early. I won't tell you what I say when i wake up early... but once i get going, i feel pretty great! It's 8:30, I've been up for 2 hours now, and i feel very awake.

Went to the bookstore. They still don't have my book on the shelve, so i come back here to the institute building and chill. Literally. My hands are freezing. I'm wearing my little gloves. And my jacket. Cause i'm cold.

My computer crashed this weekend. It was sad. I lost everything; all my pictures and music and old saved files and software - everything. But i'm ok with it. I didn't even cry. Maybe that's because i haven't yet thought of a picture that i want to look at and tried to look at it and remembered that it's gone. Maybe when that happens I'll be sad.

I broke Shirley's glasses this weekend too (everything's breaking lately). Sat on 'em. Since it was a saturday, not very many eyeglass places were open. We did find one though, and since we needed a more immediate fix than ordering a pair of glasses, she walked out of the office with contacts. She's a contact wearer now. And i love her. Even though i brake her stuff.

K, that's all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Shirley loves to cook. For that I am immensely grateful. She loves to put out a meal for people. I'm sure if it were up to her, we'd have someone or some couple over for dinner every night. She also loves to make up new recipes and just throw stuff together. Don't worry, everything she's thrown together so far has been just great.

I'm blogging that:

So last night, we got home from school and she says: "What do you want for dinner?"
I say "Oh, just cereal or something, it's late and we're tired, don't worry about it."
She says "How about Shepherd's Pie? It's easy to make."

So we sit down for dinner and she wants to tell me a story about something that happened at school today. She begins...

"So i was at school today, and I see this man walking across campus with this big stick, and it had the big crook neck thing at the top. And there're sheep following him! Well, he sat down and took out his lunch and was eating it, and i said 'What's that you're eating?' and he said 'Oh, it's just something my wife put together for me.' So i got the recipe and thought I'd try it out tonight! Eat up!"

I laughed. And kinda rolled my eyes. And probably called her a Dork.

I love you Shir.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm blogging that.

So, I love Shirley. And if any of you know Shirley or myself very well, you know that sometimes we can be kinda weird. Well, there is no exception to this when it's just the two of us home alone. Often times one of us (though since I'm the one blogging this, I'll say it's mostly her) will do something just really weird, or awkward, or strange. Our latest threat is: "I can't believe you just did that. I'm totally gonna blog about that so all the world will know how weird you are." Scares me straight every time.

Except neither of us are very devout bloggers... hmm... if we were though, you'd know all the weird stuff we do. Which could be awkward for you. Right now though, i am in the mood to divulge. Luckily for her i can't remember any of her awkward 'haha-I'm-gonna-blog-about-that' moments right now. Darn.

School starts today. Since my car is in trouble, Shirley and I are sharing her car. And since she has a 7:30 class.... I get to wake up with her and drive to school. I've decided that this will give me extra time every Tuesday and Thursday morning to do productive things like sleep, or study, or blog. So here I am, sitting in the institute blogging. Ah, it's too early.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I married Shirley 15 days ago. I love her. For our one and two weekiversaries we went to the temple. We love that place.
Until we break down and pay for it ourselves, we only get wireless interenet reception when the computer sits on the corner of the bed in the bedroom. Thus I haven't blogged in a while.

We're still unpacking things. There always seems to be things to do; family parties, dinner invitations, shopping that needs to be done. So, some of our boxes are left unpacked, just sitting there. Maybe someday soon things will quiet down and we'll find time to finish putting our little place together.