Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring slump.

It's that time of the semester again. This morning in my Institute class a girl behind me said something like: "This is gonna be the hardest week of the whole semester for me!" For me that was a couple weeks ago.... This week? to me?...will probably be the laziest week of the semester.

Every semester, about this far into it, I hit this point where I'm just so unmotivated with my school work. It's terrible i know, but i don't want to go to class, i don't want to do homework assignments, i just want to sit here and eat this delicious leftover casserole that I'm eating... and then play basketball or play Freecell on my computer. I'm lame, thanks. Lucky for me this semester i have a new secret weapon... Shirley.

She reminds me to get to work and do things. She asks me if i have homework and then forces me to actually do it. Mean, i know. Like mom back when i was in fifth grade. Harsh.

(Dear Shirley, please don't take this as an invitation to further harrass me about my school work. Thanks. I love you so much!)

This is not a confession begging repentance or a change of heart. I'm content with this time of the semester. It just happens. Then after a week or, i get back up and get back to business and finish out my wonderfully average straight B semester. Yup, straight B's. In my 4th year of college, i have almost a perfect 3.0 GPA. Every time i get an A that would bring it up a little, i get a C in another class that brings it right back down. I'm content with that too, and that's kinda another subject anyways.

So really, i was just at school not studying and realized that i haven't posted in a while. So there's somethin to chew on.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So lately, Shirley and I have been really hooked on this show Alias. It's great. It's about this CIA field agent who is always going on these crazy missions and fighting and beating up bad guys and such. Well, i think Shirley might be getting a little too into it. Or something.

You see, last night (this morning) at 2:30, she punched me right in the stomach! She was sound asleep. She didn't even know she did it! I had gotten up to get a drink and when i crawled back into bed we were both laying on our sides facing each other. Well, with her top arm, she just straight up punch me right in the gut! I was like "What the?" Then she made this semi-conscious "aww.." and put her arm around me. I thought at that point maybe she'd woken up and realized what she'd just done. Not so.

When we woke this morning i said "haha, hey, remember last night when you socked my in the gut?" and she just laughed like i was joking! Not joking though.

Anyways, it was pretty funny. Might not be so funny if it hurt, but i'm a tough kid.

So, i don't know, do we need to curb our Alias viewing? Maybe cut back a little bit? I'm not sure i'd like it too much if we start having kick boxing fights in the middle of the night just because of some crazy dreams caused by some crazy show.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From an empty room on the first floor...

I love basketball! March madness is here. The regular NBA season is winding up and getting pretty interesting, and I just played on Saturday with a bunch of guys! I love basketball!

But today is about something else that i just might love even more than basketball.

I thought i would have to be doing homework right now before class, but found out that it's not due till next week. So i have time to blog about something I've been so excited for for the past week!

We're going to California!

I don't know how it got brought up, but i was just joking with Shirley about how we're gonna go to Disneyland for my birthday day since it'd be free this year and all. Well, somehow it turned into the plan! So we're going! It'll be right after school gets out, and right after Shirley's Graduation! So then we get to go. I'm so happy.

I love California. If i had more time, I'd tell you all about why i love it so much.... but It's kinda time to get ready to go to class. I lost all my pictures when my computer crashed, but i downloaded a few great ones from my facebook profile for you:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

D-Wade for MVP

I love basketball. Sometimes i even secretly wish we had a TV and cable so i could watch basketball all the time (though i think Shirley knows this, so maybe it's not a secret).

Now, there's a big difference between college sports and professional sports, and some people love one and hate the other. A lot of people say stuff like: "Oh, college is way better than Professional. In College they play because they love to play. The pros just play for the money and they don't even care and they're not even fun to watch." Well, guess what? In college they play so they can make it to the pros where they can make money. Money Money Money.

Anyways, while i do prefer college football to the NFL, i definitely enjoy the NBA better than college hoops. Don't get me wrong, i love basketball and try to follow the NCAA, but it's complicated and March madness comes and goes so fast, and i don't have time to follow it all that well when there's a million college teams competing and so on, and so on.

But the NBA?... Well, it's simple: only 30 teams, one website that covers it all, an 82 game season (so i don't feel like I'm missing half the season when i get busy at work during tax season - college only plays around 30 games in a season), and players play in the league a lot longer than in college, so i can get to know (or watch) a player for a few years and watch his game develop and see who i like and don't like. This way i can develop favorite players and coaches and can really follow the game.

So there you have some of my reasons for why i think the NBA is better.

And some of my favorite players? Here's a few (in no particular order; just as they come to me):
D-Wade (Flash), Lebron James, Shaq (The Big Cactus), Brandon Roy, Marcus Camby (A blocking machine), CP3 (Chris Paul), The Truth (Paul Pierce), LaMarcus Aldridge, Vince Carter, Kevin Durant, Stephen Jackson, Kevin Garnett, Grant Hill, Al Jefferson, Rip Hamilton, and a few others ,but this list is getting long.

Oh? You noticed i didn't have Kobe on there eh? Well... ok, I'll admit it - I'm a Kobe hater.

So, the reason for this post?... Like the title says: Dwyane Wade for MVP!

I read this article that i really enjoyed. One of the best I've read on basketball this season.

Wade had off-season surgeries on his left knee and left shoulder before the 2007-2008 season. After a disappointing 06-07 season, I was convinced that the return of the 2006 Finals MVP was here. I had faith in Flash. But i was wrong. Wade's left knee continued to give him problems through the 07-08 season and the Heat finished with the worst record in the league as Wade decided to take off the last 21 games to begin rehab to prep for the 2008 Summer Olympics. But this year?.. Well, this year Flash is back. He leads the league in scoring is 8th in the league in assists, 2nd in steals, and at only 6'4", he's a surprising 20th in the league in blocked shots!

For a sweet YouTube video of his latest heroics (a game-winning, buzzer beating 3-pointer in double-overtime) click HERE!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Barnes & Noble

Mad Props to my new favorite bookstore in the valley = BARNES & NOBLE

Thursday night, on the way home from some softball games, Shirley and i Decided to celebrate the beginning of spring break! (We took our last test in our last class of the week on thursday so we're done with school till the 17th!)

How were we going to celebrate?! By purchasing Season 2 of the TV show we're hooked on, Alias. So we stopped at Wal-Mart, and we stopped at Best Buy... and we checked at Target and K-Mart, and even Borders, and guess what?! None of those five(5!) stores had it. It was getting late, so in a last ditch effort, we stopped at good old Barnes and Noble and asked the nice young lady in the movies/music section if she could help us find it. She looked it up in the computer and then went to a little secret box under a shelf and pulled it out for us. She held it up like a glowing ensign of goodness! We went home and watched an episode. It was quite an adventure.

The next morning Shirley's sister says "Oh, my husband has all the seasons of that show!"