Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Combined FHE

So last night we had a combined FHE. It was time for my family and Shirley's family to meet! It was a pretty good time. Almost all of my family was there, and, like, half of Shirley's. I had a short little lesson prepared, and then we dipped cake balls in chocolate for an activity. Some of the dippers got very creative with the decorations! Our dad's went and looked at my car for a little bit (poor thing has a leak and it gonnna explode), while mom stock and mom mackey got to talk about reception things...

All in all, i think it went well. Shirley thinks my family was scared of her family. I think the night was a hit though.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sleepless Halloween

I just finished writing a paper. It was only 5 pages, double spaced, and only took me about 2 1/2 hours to write, starting from scratch. Yet, i feel so drained and tired now. Maybe it's from the lack of sleep lately. Married couples - did any of you have this problem during the engagement period? I just always want to be with her, and it makes for some late evenings sometimes.

Anyways, Last week was Halloween! I really like halloween. I didn't really get into it that much this year though. Kinda makes me sad. This was the first year in, like, 5 years that i didn't even carve a pumpkin. But i did make a playlist on my iPod with halloween songs to listen to as i drove around all day and all night on halloween! Songs like: The Monster Mash, Thriller, This is Halloween, Oogie Boogie Song, and the theme from The Exorcist. It was great.

Shirley and I dressed as Morticia and Gomez, respectively, and we were awesome! I actually had people know who i was this year! As opposed to last year's fiasco with the smore ("Are you a pop tart?" duh...). Haha. I think what did it was my awesome homemade fake cigar! We went to the same party i went to last year, over at Sierra's aunt's place. She really gets into halloween, and she decorates so very well for the occasion.

Afterwards we were going to go to a carnival at Mesa Riverview, but it was too expensive, so we opted for some skeeball at the Peter Piper Pizza. You can guess who won. Good times.