Monday, June 15, 2009

New Blog!

Not like i do a great job keeping this blog updated or anything, but i started a new blog anyways. One that i'm actually a lot more excited about (so maybe i will be better at updating it).

It's about hiking. So if you enjoy the hobby... feel free to hop on over to Mike's Hikes and check out what adventures we've been up to.


Just as a side note about blogs... does anyone remember the days before Myspace and Facebook and Blogger? Does anyone remember LiveJournal? I think it was one of the first big blog websites that started getting people warmed up to the whole web log (blog) thing.

I was just thinking how my perspective has changed over the years. At first, when LJ came around i thought "What the heck? Why would i want to keep a public journal? A journal is for, like, my personal thoughts and ideas. I don't need to share that with people online!"

But then came Myspace, and then Facebook, and then Blogger (at least that's the order in which i subscribed to these great (ahem) social networking tools).

When blogger started getting big, i started thinking of it as less of an online journal, and more of just a method to tell your old friends what you've been up to in life. You know, the people you don't actually talk to anymore, but still feel like you know them so well because you read their blogs? I kinda thought blogs were just a way to keep up with friends, maybe even show off a little bit when something happens worth showing off.

But now i'm starting to see it as both of the above. The main purpose seems to be to write all about what i've been up to so i can have something to show old school mates, or extended family, but it definitely serves a dual purpose. I don't really keep a journal like i probably should, but when i look back in five years, I'll be able to look at my blog and remember some of the cool things I've done.

And so Blogger, I salute you. Here's to you helping me keep a journal by disguising it as a social networking tool.