Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It’s been a long time, and boy is there a lot to talk (type) about: How the semester ended up, Shirley’s graduation (obviously the semester ended good enough, cuz she graduated), Our California trip, our church calling, our wedding pictures, our job searchings, summer, the adventures of Mike and Shirley…

So let’s find a good place to start…

Since the semester is over, I’ll just leave it at that. Shirley passed, so she graduated. I did well enough. I have, like, a B- GPA. It should be higher, and I feel kinda lame, but I’ll work harder next semester.

Shirley’s graduation! We got to hear Obama speak. Most of the audience cheered for him like he was a rock star. It was weird. He is, however, and excellent speaker. And he gave a great speech.
We’ve been beginning our adventures… We plan to have a lot this summer. Some of our ideas/plans include a trip to the Kern River in California for rafting, a trip to Colorado (maybe) to visit Shirley’s brother, a few camping trips, some hiking around Arizona, Maybe another Cali trip, Fossil Springs, The Oracle Caves, etc… We love adventures. We’re gonna call this summer “The Adventures of Mike and Shirley!”
Immediately following Shirley’s graduation ceremonies, we got in the car and left for California in search of sunny skies and great fun with our friends Jack and Natalie. We spent all day Friday (in honor of my birthday and Shirley’s graduation) at Disneyland. I hadn’t been there in over 2 years, and Shirley hadn’t been in, like, 15 years. It was amazing. I love Disneyland – happiest place on earth!
Saturday was spent at the beach (didn't take any pictures, sorry). We got a firepit and got our coals going and made tin-foil dinners for lunch. That was awesome. We threw the Frisbee around, played in the water a bit, and then took naps. It was pretty overcast the whole time at the beach though. That was a bust. But still enjoyable.

We stopped in Blythe on the way home to get gas. Gas was so much more expensive on the North side of the freeway! What the heck! When we stopped at the McDonalds after getting gas (the cheaper gas), I walked across the street to take this sweet picture.That circled part is this: (32 cents cheaper gas!)That seems like a sufficient enough update for now…

Just on a side note, if you know of anyone hiring, I’m looking for work. I’ve been reduced to about 12 hours a week, and that’s not gonna cut it. Thanks!